How to win in roulette everytime

I won 36$ here in 9 minutes.

While playing red and black, we just not bet on it, we need to have the insurance to 0, as you guys can see, If I have not bet the 0, I would have lost the game, and when there is more progression, its just the must must must to bet the 0 as well or else you loose the money.

I had the incident where I was playing for real money in online live wheel, and I was betting for $1500 and my mouse just stopped working and didnt got the time to bet on 0 and to my luck, it came out 0. It was totally a bad day for me as I know, i would have win the game, if my damn fucking mouse was working, I would have won that roulette bet.

I left the game that day, came back tomorrow with the fresh attitude and was able to recover my loss in 3 days.
Patience is a virtue.

you never know, its not only Red and Black. Its the house as well.

Here are some rules to follow;

– Always bet on 0 while playing Red and Black , odd or even
– Dont panic, be patience
– Always play on a live wheel table, avoid RND online games
– Play for 10-15 minutes a session and leave while you have the profit in your pocket.
– Play it slow, Dont bet higher initially. Well if you have abundance money, you can go for it.
– Have a bank roll for like atleast 12 progression to be in safe side.

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