Roulette Master Live – How to win in long run ?

In this video today for the first time m live. There are two reason. No.1 : I wold personally like to thank all of you for your huge support and love to my channel. And No.2: I would like to answer all those people who having either very bad experience with casino or either they dont know the reality.So as soon as we will accept the reality it will be better for all of us. And truth is that 2+2 allways make 4. No some people dreaming to convert into 22 overnight
and loos their everything. On other hand there are people who are just afraid of being loosing it without playing like 2-2=0. Remember allways the law of nature never change for anyone and roulette is not a exception. It applies to this game as well.
I am sorry guys for not approving lots of your comments for containing inappropriate contents.I have saved them in my spam section but i would like to answer all of you that all the strategies are working fine on an average rate of 70.3 % but with a liitle modification in the wheel or by installing any mechanical device over it, no strategy will work never. Because in that case it start working against the laws of nature and start delivering unexpected results in casino flavors. For example in the game of cricket, a batsaman having a chance of hitting 6 sixes in one over while on other hand totally opposite to this a bowler can bold even 6 batsman in a over. This is something called high end probability and the chances are very very rare.No one took 6 wickets till now but 6 sixes were scored by an Indian batsman Yuvraaj Singh
few years back and even he himself could’t create that scene again in his carrer. But now a days you can see these kind of high end probabilitis daily or even once within every hour in any casino. You can see numbers of times red or black colour specially when you are playing against it. or sometime same number 3 or 4 times on display screen.So what does this all mean. The answer is very simple all these modern wheels are magnetically and electronically controlled and it is impossible to win with these wheels.Just think why they never repeat the colour you are playing, why allways coulur or other outside bets results against you. At east once in year it must be in your favour if it is fare.Lots of people they are playing with rng, which is a pure computer and complaining to me that my strategy are not working. I dont know how to answer them. I a very sorry. I will give you another example just consider any other game like poker. Why the shuffle the cards again and again and and ask you guys to make a cut in the middle of cards. The answer is so simple that they want to create a faith among you guys that this game is not fraud and you can play it. Because there is no cheating nor they even need to do it, because in these kind of games they are already a winner. There are reasons. No1: They dont need to place a bet like you guys have to place on every call. No2: Most of hte times when you guys having a good hand , most of times dealers did not qualified and end the round by simply paying you one to one cash chips.So end of the day they are winner. But in case of roulette they will never allow you to do anything. If you want to check just buy a white ball. you can easily buy this online anywhere like Amazone. Just take a ball and ask them to spin using your ball, they will never accept because everything is there in the ball. If the game is fare then what is the problem in changing the ball. Or you can do it by trick, if sometime when the ball falls down, if you can change it immidiately you will see there whole story will be finished and in that case the strategy like martingale can will easily.But they are very carefull with ball and check in detail or everything if it fall down.I am not denying that a number cant be repeated for three times. But the chances are very very rare, may be once in years not even in year. But in casino it happen daily, so you must use your mind. You can do another thing, if anyone from you guys having good link in casino, just go there in off hours and give them your ball and ask them to repeat any dozen or column three times in a row, i can bet with you guys they will never be able to do it. To repeate a single number is too far. So i hope now you understand why no strategy works in casino and why you loss allways even after playing 36 numbers sometime.But it is not impossible with learning. There is a saying ” if there is a will, there is a way” You can beat roulette with an average rate of winning like 10 % daily for long run but you need to learn first. As i told you before that like all other feilds of study Roulette is also a vast subject and not merely a strategy, and now after the introduction of modern technology it is becoming more and more complicated.So thats all guys, i hope you understand and t know in detail about our teaching programmes you can contact us at
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