Roulette Strategy: How to Win at Roulette – Best Tips 2019

How to Win at Roulette with the Best Roulette Strategy 2019:
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Roulette, one of the easiest casino games to play and understand. We will go over the best strategy’s to win every time, and what to look for in a casino (as in, a casino that has the table setup to give you the best odds).

This is Video 1 of the new Refined Series. I will show you how to increase your Odd’s at winning at the Roulette table to ~94.74%. Where as normally the best achievable odds are 47.37%.
We will start this series with a Modified Martingale Strategy.

There’s a fantastic new way of playing roulette! It is simple to use and pulls in profits faster and easier than any other system. What’s more, it is a low-risk, high-profit system with a high win rate that blows away every roulette game in existence!
Remember that no strategy works 100%, but with this method and a little luck you can earn a lot of money!

00:00 Roulette Strategy Intro presentation
00:20 First rules and tips
00:56 Settings and first steps of the Roulette strategy to win
03:31 Tips e secrets on how to win at roulette and first examples of how strategy works in practice
07:53 Important rule
08:12 pay attention, manage losses and how to win at roulette
12:55 other tips and speed up to £ 1,000
13:55 other important advice and opinion requests
14:24 the more you earn, the more you increase your security budget
15:30 the most important rules for winning at roulette with this system
17:10 how much can I earn? Do you double your bets? Additional tips
18:05 end of bets liv and conclusion of the method
19:46 which casino and which roulette?
20:06 last tips and greetings

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