BRAND NEW £2 FOBT Bookies Roulette FIRST LOOK !

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This is the new £2 stake 20p Roulette in William Hill which has been released as new gambling regulations prohibit any bets above £2 per game. This includes all slots and roulette games, so there are no more Fortune Spin based slots, or high stakes roulette games.

The new £2 Stake Edition of 20p Roulette uses a spin bar prior to any spin on the roulette wheel. Each ‘game’ on the bar costs £2, landing in the green awards a spin on the roulette wheel, red is game-over. You can change your odds and effectively bet up to £50 per roulette game, but the odds on the spin bar decrease with each additional chip placed. If you have the equivelent of £50 placed on the roulette wheel, the long-term average on the spin bar will be £50 per roulette spin. This will vary, so you may get a few spins in close succession, or pay £200 for a single spin; the ball then needs to land on your number.

This may get play short-term, but I think in the long run, people will grow bored of it. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.



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