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Fortunes Ablaze slot machine, Live Play & Bonus Big Win

Many of the Konami games focus on the potential of bonus rounds that give you hundreds of free spins. Problem is, game designers have to make tradeoffs to make sure the game still keeps the winnings in check. So, if a game gives hundreds of free spins, those free spins will mostly be duds.

To help the person that catches a bonus with hundreds of free spins, but also just finished their 4th beer and needs to Pee Now, Konami gives the option to pick between playing the free spins or choosing a mystery amount. Unless one really has to Pee Now, pick the free spins. Slot are, after all, about entertainment.

So, in this video the Free Spins option was chosen. I hunkered down, trying to hold the camera steady, for a long series of free dud spins. At least I didn’t have to press the button each time. What a surprise when one of the spins was not a dud!

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