1 Number Roulette System [LOW BUDGET]

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1) Bet for 35 spins on a single number inside, starting with a single unit. If you obtain a hit (and at all-time profit), repeat this step. If you miss, go to step #2.
2) Raise your bet 1 unit and repeat step #1. If you get a hit and are at all-time profit, stay at step #1, otherwise go to step #3.
3) Obtain 2 hits in a row without missing in a 35 spin cycle; each hit starts the 35 spin cycle over. Now take the number of units you are betting and divide by 2, rounding up; e.g. if you are betting 5 units, 5/2=2.5, round up and bet 3 units.

SUMMARY: Always bet 1 unit when at an all time high. Raise your bet one unit when you miss. When not at profit after two hits in a row, lower your bet size by 1/2, rounding up.
There are 37 or 38 numbers but the payoff is 35 to 1.
It doesn’t make sense to form a progression based on 37 or 38
spins if the payout is 35 to 1.

Next – let’s not “over-use” a progression. If we get a win within the 35 spins, why increase? There’s no need to.
So.. what will happen during the 35 spin sets? Your number will hit:
0 times (almost 1/3 of the time)
1 time (almost 2/3 of the time)
2 times (somewhat common)
3 times (not as common)
4 times (somewhat rare)
5 times (very rare)
6,7,8 times (prob never see it… but when you do !)

We know not to increase after a “1” show.
We know that we need to decrease after a 2+ showing
in order to offset the increases from the “0” showings.

And guess what ? If you do it right – the number will show
above or below expected (or eventually end up back at 0.00 std dev.) and you’ll be in profit.
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