( EVEN and ODD Numbers ) Online roulette winning system

RouletteWinning Tricks EVEN and odd numbers

This is the best roulette Winning system is played ever. The system works well in online Roulette as well as live casino games. Predicting the next number is impossible in Roulette but we can put our bet in such places that it will hit at least once in every 3-4 spin.

This tricks ensure quick Profit with minimum risk. It gives you good return while protecting your bankroll. It’s efficiency increases in online Roulette then live roulette. The simplicity of this strategy is easy to execute in online Roulette you nend to put all your bet in quick time you can’t manage 8-10 place in 15 second so this system allows you to put just 1 bet either EVEN or ODD. It also ensure your win as it covers 50% of the table.

Strategy :
Place bet at even and odd only.
Go with the last number. If it’s even then put bet on even.
Play with minimum bet amount.
Set Small target
Stop once you achive the TARGET.

Just play with this trick and enjoy the profit.

Keep playing Roulette and keep Winning
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Credit : Roulette Royale Casino



  1. 0:50 He says last number was 29 but I see 22. Do you guys here the same?

  2. Sometimes there is a streak of 8 jumping in a row.You will lose $ be careful with this system.If you hit your target,stop and go home.

  3. Last number was not 29 ! It was 22 !

  4. Which video out of all of them do you feel is the best strategy

  5. Each session is $100 how much bankroll do you need? What if it comes out odd, even, odd, even, odd, even continuously like 10 times in a roll? You will go broke eventually

  6. Try to play with the program RPS for roulette on the website –

  7. What you do when zero comes out when you betting odd or evens. If I was betting even and zero comes out do I add 1 unit and stay with even numbers

  8. Really Nice, but is this strategy for online gaming?

  9. Another stupid "system"
    you can't beat Roulette
    and increasing your bet when you lose
    is just stupid – no statistics behind it

  10. Nice

  11. Nice.

  12. What about zero green?

  13. Beautiful

  14. Sir i need to interact with you personally. can you please give me your email ID so that we can discuss a few issues. I would be really grateful if you can communicate personally.Thank you.

  15. Thank you for sharing your strategies.
    Am going to try out some of your easy to remember strategies tomorrow at the casino. Wish me luck.

  16. Nice as usual thanks for this


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