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Cats Slot Machine – $15 Max Bet Bonus with BIG WIN Line Hit!

This is my first time playing the Cats slot machine! It was a pretty good experience although I wasn’t able to get a jackpot but thought I’d make a “preview” video for the channel as I hope to play this one more in the future. The idea of the Cats slot is to get a good line-hit with Wilds or Split Symbols which count as doubles: so you can virtually get a line hit with 10 of the same symbol with the ultimate being a 5-column wild line hit paying 10000 on a minimum bet! On the game you’re seeing in this video, that would have paid a cool $5000 just for the single line!

The bonus is triggered by getting at least 5 paws in columns two, three and four with paw bonus symbols consisting of either one or two paws. This necessitates two out of the three bonus symbols requiring a “double-paw” or the bonus doesn’t happen, which stinks. 5 paws gets five spins and 6 paws gets you 10 spins. Unlike other bonus games, your bonus spins seem to just be standard spins without anything additional, so many times they don’t pay well as you’ll see. As a bonus, at the end of the video you’ll see my best line hit of the night!

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