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Buying Bonus & Winning It All on Flintstones Slot Machine!!!

HI Everyone!

NEW MACHINE ALERT! Have you seen this Flintstones Slot Machine at your local casino yet? We were walking through the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas and came across this brand new slot machine so we just had to play it!!!! This machine kinda mirrors the WillyWonka Slot machine but apparently you can also BUY YOUR BONUS! Well of course you know me… I decided I needed to buy a bonus to see what happens.

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Who’s Getting Lucky

We feature Dirk and Steven playing Cast, Hats, Bats betting 5 Euro a smack. Well they land the GRAND JACKPOT!!!!!

If you would like your “slot play” or “jackpot handpay” to be featured in one of our videos we will need the following:

1: Photo of you with your slot play or jackpot handpay
2: Details on your photo: EX: Where were you at? What machine were you on?
3: If you have a YouTube channel or social media page please provide link as I will give you a shout out.
4: Send everything to
5. Give us written consent to use your picture or content you sent over. I will email you and notify you if you have been chosen to be featured in, “WHO’s GETTING LUCKY” Video link announcing, “WHO’S getting LUCKY” segment.

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