Only PROVEN Way to Win Roulette! (Legendary Winners)

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0:07 Proved Method to Win
2:51 How to Find a Biased Wheel
4:23 Exploit the Bias
5:50 Collect Data
6:33 The Advantage
7:15 Ups and Downs
7:50 Countermeasures

Various players claim to be able to win roulette consistently. But there is only a handful or true, documented roulette winners. Like: Joseph Jagger, Albert Hibbs and Roy Walford, Richard Jarecki and the Spanish living legend Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo. The all used, more or less the same method: Identifying and exploiting biased roulette wheels. This is the ONLY 100% proven method to beat roulette since the 19th century. In this video we outline how they did it. In future videos we elaborate more on Advantage Play. This is a story by a roulette dealer who has made the acquaintance of an advantage player, who explained to him how he made a living by consistently beating roulette wheels in various casinos. Every other approach has its limitations (like the mostly faulty, useless, overpriced and illegal roulette computers) or it is hard to be proven to work (like specific roulette strategies).

This approach is better suited for real roulette wheels in brick and mortar casinos, but since it is based on statistical analysis of the outcomes it can also be applied (with caution!) to live dealers roulette games of online casinos.

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