Blackjack Mistakes | Top 5 Mistakes in Blackjack Everyone Makes

Blackjack is a game that is heavily reliant on luck. Yet, it’s also one which incorporates a vast amount of strategy too. That said, with the right strategy in mind, you’ll be able to go far in Blackjack and possibly pocket some prize money too. In our video, we go through the Top 5 Blackjack Mistakes everyone makes when playing the game. You can also read about it below too.

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Top 5 Blackjack Mistakes Everyone Makes

5. Taking Insurance – When the dealer shows an Ace, a lot of dealers will offer insurance – insurance pays 2 to 1 if the dealer hits Blackjack, but actually, it’s one of the biggest mistakes experienced players make over and over. The house edge on taking insurance is 7.7% and that means you’re losing around $8 for every $100 you put down.

4. Not hitting soft 18 when the dealer has a 9 – No one likes hitting 18, but when the dealer shows a 9, they’re going to hit a 10 or an Ace 28% of the time. So that’s why, if you have a soft 18, it’s always better to hit when the dealer shows a 9. By not hitting, you’re giving up an 8.3% edge to the casino and remember, the same rule applies when you have a soft 18 and the dealer shows a 10 or an Ace.

3. Not doubling on soft 18 when the dealer has a 6 – When the dealer shows a 6, he has a roughly 42% chance of going bust. This means that when you have a soft 18, you’re way better off doubling down and taking one more card. You’ve got a soft 18 so you can’t bust – so even if you get a low card like a 5 or a 6, you’re still going to win half the time because the dealer is so likely to bust. Every time you stand instead of doubling in this spot, you’re giving up 10% to the casino.

2. Not hitting 16 when the dealer has an Ace – Hitting a 16 is always scary and it’s true that you’re going to bust most of the time, but when the dealer shows an Ace, your 16 is hardly ever going to win the hand. Take a shot and give yourself the chance to either win, or push, by hitting. Every time you stand instead of hitting in the spot, you’re picking up a 15% edge to the casino.

1. Splitting 10’s when the dealer shows a 6 – Splitting 10’s when the dealer shows a 6 is a huge mistake. Sure, splitting them will give you an edge over the dealer of about 18%, but if you stand on the 20, the edge is way bigger, about 70%. This means that for every $100 bet you make in the spot, you’re giving up over $50 in equity.

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