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Roulette Legislation of 3rd (STATS)

🔴 SUBSCRIBE for much more movies: ▶️ ►Roulette Statistics: ▶️ About talking and on regular, every single 37 spins, one particular third of the roulette figures (twelve figures) will not look. From exams it has been proven that the to start with repeat of past figures happens much more often[…]

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Roulette Wheel Secrets (REVEALED!)

🔵 SUBSCRIBE for more videos: ▶️ 🔴 Only PROVEN Way to Win Roulette! ▶️ The secrets of the roulette wheel layout and construction. 1:13 American and European Roulette 2:31 European Wheel Bets (Zero Play, Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins de Zero, Neighbors) 4:24 The Logic of the Wheel (European) 6:42 Types of[…]

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