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Online slots – Bonus hunt by request!

Good evening everyone. After finally finishing with a profit last time out I decided the time was right to take on board a few more recommendations.

Going back over the comments from the last few weeks there have been plenty of you who have kindly taken the time to suggest games for me to play. What I have done for this bonus hunt is chosen a selection of them and played out the bonuses for the video.

Before we go any further, a slight warning. The “Battleships Direct Hit” megaways game awarded me 40 free spins, and it is a rather slow game to play. Actually, scratch that, it is a painfully slow game to play. The 40 free spins take quite some time to play out, but I have left them in in full, as I always intend to show the “action” as it is.

Battleships comes last of the 5 games here, the full play list is:

Big Bass Bonanza
Rage of the Seas
Immortal Romance
Battleships Direct Hit

Thank you once again for all your suggestions, please do keep them coming. I am grateful to those of you who have taken the time to write in with feedback, comments and game suggestions. At some point in the fairly near future I do hope to do something for the benefit of people who have subscribed or watched my videos. I am not quite sure what form this will take, but please watch this space to find out more!

I hope you enjoy this video.



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