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Online slots – 9 game bonus hunt

Good evening everybody. This video follows directly on from my last bonus hunt video, where I had finished an £800 bonus hunt with just £362 in the bank.

If you haven’t seen that one, it is here:

I highlight this, because I have decided to “replay” it!

After the first attempt I felt a little hard done by once again, on two counts. Firstly, the overall cost of the bonus hunt had been massively inflated by Secret of the Stones, which I had sunk well over £300 into. I had started the game on the “max” version, but ultimately ended up dropping back to the normal game before it chewed my entire balance.

Secondly, the bonuses themselves seemed a little below par. Having attained 9 of them I managed to lose out on my spins on both Extra Chilli and Gorilla Gold, only getting a payback from 7 of the 9. The 7 were not terrible, but there was nothing of any great note either.

An action replay therefore would allow me to compare the overall cost of attaining the bonuses as well as the overall payback. The only difference between the two was that in the second attempt I played Secret of the Stones on the normal version from the off. I feel that particular game owes me somewhat, but I shall not be trying the max version again until such time as I am having a profitable day!

So perhaps a fairer comparison would be between the overall cost of this bonus hunt, and the cost of the previous one reduced by around £300, to cover the excess loss on the max version of the game. That gives a cost of £320 for this one, and around £500 for the other one. Nonetheless, playing the same bonuses once again would make for an interesting comparison.

As per the last video, the games are:

Gorilla Gold
Secret of the stones
Immortal Romance
Big Bass bonanza
Diamond Mine
Buffalo Rising
Extra Chilli

This is how it went this time.

Thank you once again for all your comments and feedback, I do appreciate them. An please do keep your suggestions coming, I shall aim to include as many as I can over the coming weeks.



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