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This Channel Features a Variety of Content, Ranging From Gaming (Guides, Top 6 Lists, Playthroughs, Reviews, Live Streams) to Horror Related Videos (Scary Stories, Clips of Strange Creatures, Creepypastas).

● Streaming Schedule ●

═ Tuesday: GTA Online

═ Friday: Live Playthrough (Currently: Life is Strange)

═ Saturday: GTA Online

● About Me ●

═ PSN ID: Rellikain

═ GTA Online Grinder

═ Legit Rank 3700+ in GTA Online

═ Horror Story Narrator

● FAQ ●

═ Q: Where Are You From?
═ A: Austria

═ Q: How Old Are You?
═ A: 27

═ Q: Can I Add You on Playstation?
═ A: Yes, You Can!

═ Q: Do You Play on XBOX/PC?
═ A: No, Only PS4

═ Q: Is Your GTA Online Rank Legit?
═ A: Yes

═ Q: Do You Have a GTA Online Crew?
═ A: No

● Miscellaneous ●

═ Discord Server:

═ How To Rank Up Fast in GTA Online:

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