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Roulette Strategy To Win with Small BankRoll in lightening roulette. Lightning Roulette is an exciting game with electrifying roulette experience. In each game round from one to five “Lightning numbers” are randomly struck by lightning, allowing you to win 50x up to 500x (49:1 – to 499:1). I am playing this game in 1xbet.

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Single Dozen Winning Trick –
A cool trick to win roulette definitely every cycle. Continuous spin until we win is considered a cycle.

0:00 – Roulette Strategy to Win
0:24 – Placing Bets At Roulette

How To Play
Notice the Dozen which has not repeated from quit a long time, like if a roulette is giving numbers from 13-36 ( 1st dozen is left ) or 1-12 and 25-36 ( 2nd dozen left ) or 1-18 ( 3rd dozen left ), then put your bets on the left dozens. The dozen must be left out from 7 spin at least. Watch out the above table and start putting in the bets. The starting bet is 0.20$. If we win, we will earn 0.60$ with profit of 0.40$. If we loose, we continue to put bet as per above table SR no 2 ie. 0.20$ and then 3rd, then 4th and so on.

Trick No: 2

Trick No: 3

Trick No: 4

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