American Style Roulette Game

*American style double zero (00) roulette game.
*Max bet: 500 credits each bet.
*NEIGHBOR BET: bet on any of the numbers located on the Racetrack, it will include that number and the two numbers on each side of it on the roulette wheel.The total bet for any Neighbor bet is five times (x5) the chip value selected.
*EXTRA BALL BONUS: up to 5 Extra Balls FOR FREE!
*DOUBLE WIN BONUS: the RED color ball gives chance for a double win !
*English/Spanish/ Chinese Trad./Chinese Sim. available.
*31.5 khz resolution display (VGA).
*Function with touch screen, buttons, or PS/2 keyboard/mouse.
*Coin/bill acceptor & hopper supported.
*Available for 36+10 pin fruit connector



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