Logarithm Strategy Tutorial: How to win at Roulette. Logarithm Strategy Revealed

play here:
Hi! Is me Karl (this is my new channel). I am Professional roulette player, and my purpose with my videos is none at the moment.
Follow my twitch i might do some live stream sometimes:

Is logarithm strategy working? – yes Is always working! But you have to invest time and money.
And you have to know how to follow the roulette with the strategy, you have to know how to adapted yourself, so that’s mean is not easy, if I give you my strategy you will no be able to play with that, So Please don’t ask!!
I strongly believe the best strategy is your strategy just watch and play and at some point you will see how to play… don’t ask people in internet about strategies will not work for you!!!!
Or others who will promise you “gold” all are false promises….

Don’t see roulette game as a daily constant profit, see it as a game only, because is just a game!!!
There are people who win every day 50€ and they are limited to 50€, but they are professional, you have to have some years of experience, if you are new don’t even try it you will fail it!!!

“Do you lose also?” – yes, everyday I lose and win …



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