Roulette strategy by playing "3 corners" and "12 straight up" bets.

I am trying a roulette strategy with bets placed on this way, and everytime a straight up number got hit by the spin ball, I remove this bet and continue to play the game like that. Sometimes I increase my bets or double them. I then started to play and you will see that I started to loose. Near the end of the video I tried to double my bets quiet high at seventy two dollars the spin. This was done after a serie of lost spins. This bets doubling example shows well how it can be dangerous to apply such betting system on roulette, as you are usually winning when doing so, but in case of a serie of lost spins, then the losses can be quiet high. Luckily, I managed to get a winning number hit by the spinball, Then it gave me some few winnings from the cash balance I started with. Not a too big win, but a profit of thirty six point ninety dollars. This is better than eding up with a loss…


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