5 line Test Roulette Strategy, $1000 Bank Roll- Session 1-2

Betting tier $25-$50 win results in moving up a tier to $35-$70 next session.

Who cares to help me test?? I’ve been working on this strategy for a while with great success if followed very closely. DO so here.

This is a work in progress needing refining of description.

3X3+2 stands for 3 wins at one level 3 wins after a loss double for 3 wins and one more round for 2 wins. It can be 2×3 or 3×4 should you choose. 3×3+2 works best. Its a bet, double, regress “system”

This is a study work in progress that is quite successful. Disciplined Testers wanted. Give your results below in the comments. Please follow the below instructions.

In this test session of a “system” based somewhat on odds (probability) and personal observations of patterns. This covers 79% of the board considering the numbers each line bet covers. 30 out of 38 spots are winning numbers of the amount of the line bet. Losers are 0,00,1,2,3,16,17,18. Remember those numbers.

You are playing the line bets of 4-7, 10-13, 19-22, 25-28 and 31-34. Some roulette wheels aren’t properly balanced. Watch the monitor for a while with a drink and look for times when 1,2,3 and 16-17-18 are not frequent which will show balance bias. I know that each number has the same odds of winning so please don’t comment on that known fact. Do the same for online play sites as well as all algorithms are different just as some tables are different due to balance.

The choice if lines is really up to you to be honest but these work for ME and should be started with. If you have a table that hits more of those losing numbers, just pick a different line to skip.

Your goal is to find a $300 max bet table in a casino to start.

A near complete Las Vegas casino roulette table limits and number of tables is listed below:

Total trip bankroll should be $1000 if only playing roulette. Each line bet should be at $25, or $10 should you wish to start with a $500 bankroll and find more available tables in Las Vegas and Reno.


Your table session bankroll should start at $300.
5 total line bets of $25 is $125 per spin, Spin 3 times. Stop betting until one of the 8 losing numbers hit then bet 3 more times with $25 etc. etc.

NOTE: This session started at the $35/ $70 level.

Should you lose during the 3 spins, double to $50 ($250 total) for 3 spins (or 4 if feeling lucky) then sit out until one of the losing numbers hits again. then rebet $50 for 2 more wins to be safe, let it spin until your losing number hits and Start back at $25 for 3 spins.

Should you lose again during those 3 spins…….Sorry, session is over……take a break. OR you can play the final $50 of the $300 to play at $10 each spin. Fun to play catch up.

Less risky is 2 winning spins while making $50 profit instead of 3 winners. Less probability of one of the 8 numbers coming up yet I understand each number has the same amount of odds of winning or losing but 3 wins is a pattern I find best.

More risky is 4 spins which will land you a cool $100 before waiting for a losing number and is worth the chance when your bankroll gets higher in the session. It’s pretty safe too if you forget what bet win you are on but NO more than 4 rolls ever. 3 roll wins has a nice safety Average from my experience. 4 spins is a FUN FUN excitement filled “hIt and Run” strategy for $100 if you are casino hopping. Slightly more risky. Even if you do lose on the 4th spin you can still work the system with success.

My win limit is $400…..just take and go. You have won one more session and $100 for 45 min of play. Add the $300 to previous session making the next session $600. With this session win, increase each bet on next session $10 to $35 and $70 to climb tables and win your $400 very fast and be ahead to push it further.

Should you wish to carry on after $400 win in a session……..not the way I play….then at that time you can increase to $35 and $70 bets but put that $100 in your pocket first!!!!


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