Martingale Roulette System – Modification

Prevent those dreaded red-black streaks by modifying the Martingale Roulette Strategy a bit –

One follows the the same betting strategy as the Martingale except you will bet on the color that just won. For example, spin 1 falls on red, you would bet $10 on red, if the next spin falls on red you just won $10, you will then re-bet $10 on red. If it fell on black, you will double your bet on black. The basis of the strategy lies on the tit for tat negotiation principle (one play the color your opponent played in the previous round). This strategy has shown to be highly effective.

Also, the casinos always say that the games are 100% fair, but if there were any fixing of games, Roulette games will most probably be fixed to combat the Martingale system (thus rolling long streaks of red or black). This modification eliminates this (it is in your favor if long red or black streaks take place).

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