1-2 …1-2-4 Betting System – Does It Work? Blackjack Session

1-2 …1-2-4 Betting System – Does It Work? Blackjack Session. The Shoe has 6 Decks. This was a system made up by one of our followers and he requested for it to be in one of our videos. We have finally got to it and put the system through one shoe at the blackjack table to see what the outcome would be. Watch and find out what happens. Enjoy!

We start with a bankroll of $200 at this Blackjack table.Table pays 3-2 when hitting a Blackjack. Insurance is 2 to 1.Dealer must hit soft 17. The Shoe has 6 Decks.

1-2…1-2-4 Betting System Explaination-

The way it works is you bet 1 unit, if that bet wins you increase your bet to 2 units. If your second bet wins, you go back down to playing one unit. If your first or second bet loses, you go right to the 1-2-4 betting sequence. One that sequence is completed you go back down to the 1-2.

We want to show lots of different kinds of betting strategies in its own Blackjack session. Seeing the outcomes of each strategy and to make you a better Blackjack player yourself.
Please comment what kind of strategies you guys would like to see.

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