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Roulette (rōōlĕt´), sport of likelihood well known in gambling casinos, and in a simplified variety in other places. In gambling houses the roulette wheel is established in an rectangular desk. Its outer spot is marked off into 37 (in Europe) or 38 (in the United States) spaces, every single of which has retaining walls so that a compact ball could occur to rest in 1. The sectors, alternately crimson and black, are numbered one to 36 there is also a environmentally friendly (or occasionally white) and in the United States an more 00. On the desk is an arrangement of crimson and black squares numbered in correspondence with the wheel. In addition, there are spaces for other kinds of bets: manque, that the successful range will be 1–18 passe, that it will be 19–36 pair, that it will be an even range impair, that it will be odd rouge, that it will be crimson noir, that it will be black. All bets are placed versus the property and are indicated by placing stakes on the structure. The croupier spins the wheel and tosses the ball on to it its ultimate spot of rest indicates the successful bets. Many betting mixtures are permitted, with various odds and highest stakes. Roulette dates from the late 18th cent.

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