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In order to reduce the house edge even more on the blackjack tables, you can learn basic blackjack strategy. Our latest blackjack video can provide you with all the tips and tricks that you need to beat the dealer.

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3. Blackjack Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Welcome to the Ladbrokes basic blackjack strategy video.

The blackjack strategy – the basics

Blackjack is a game of probabilities, not random luck. While luck does come into it, knowing the probability of winning or losing with each decision you make is a massive part of the game.

This chart – the basic strategy – is your key to making the best calls on any blackjack game you play, and maximising your chances of winning.

Simple rules and tips –

The rule of 10’s
10-value cards are by far the most common cards in the deck. Assume that every card coming up, along with the dealer’s face-down card, will be a 10-value card.

Hit on soft 17
It’s impossible to bust out on a soft 17, and there’s a fair chance of getting to 21. Sticking on a soft 17 is the worst possible call.

Beware the hard 17
17 is a relatively low hand total, though it’s still fairly easy to bust out. Be aware that unless the dealer’s up card has a value of 3-6, your chances of winning on a hard 17 are fairly low.

Doubling down is risky
As much as the extra winnings might be appealing, doubling down can be quite risky. Generally, only advanced players should be doubling down as there are various rules to take into consideration.

Always split the aces and the 8’s
Soft 2 is a terrible hand, and two chances at a blackjack are much better.
Remember that 16 is the worst hand, so split the 8’s, safe in the knowledge that it’s impossible to bust on your first hit.

Don’t split the 10’s
You’re already on 20, which is fairly hard to beat. Splitting the 10’s reduces your chances of winning by a surprising amount.

Never split the 4’s or the 5’s
Splitting these will often leave you with incredibly low hand totals, whereas hitting leaves you in a safe area where it’s still impossible to bust out.

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